These days, old fashion trends seem to be popping back up and appear every now and then. Whether it’s striped sweatpants, jeans patterns, shirts and t-shirts or the overall look. Eventually, we are starting to wear the things that we used to and everyone will call it trendy again.

Similarly, one of the most popular fashion trends that usually stay around for a while is wearing a cap. The baseball caps have grown in popularity. It is very important to know how to wear a cap.

What makes the baseball cap a contemporary classic?

The baseball cap has traditionally always been a sporty, casual piece of kit – something which has limited its applications in menswear anywhere outside of a t-shirt and trainers.

However, with designers now reimagining this sportswear staple in premium materials and with stripped-back detailing, it’s now a piece of headwear that can work across almost your entire wardrobe.

It used to be the case that the only sort of cap available were cotton twill with a logo embroidered/printed on to the front. But now you’re just as likely to find suede, satin and corduroy versions that could legitimately be worn with tailoring. 


Atlantis Headwear Green Cap (A5100)

A 100% certified organic cotton with some of the key specifications listed below:

  • Unstructured front panels
  • Curved visor
  • Closure with buckle
  • 6 sewn eyelets
  • Sweatband: 100% cotton
  • 4 rows on visor
  • Microchip inside giving you NFC access to the history and technical characteristics of the product
  • Fabric: 100% certified organic cotton twill

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FLEXFIT Flexfit Pro Baseball (Youth) - (6297F)

Check out some of the key highlights of the product listed below:

  • Pro Baseball shape with Flexfit Technology
  • Silver Undervisor
  • Button & Eyelets same colour

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Hope you enjoyed reading about the various forms of the baseball caps and what you could shop for your wardrobes this season. baseball caps are always stylish and a very fashionable accessory aren’t they?

Stylish, classic requirements for every fashion statement, they can form you styling statement accessory for you with almost any type of casual attire. So, any shopping wishes do click here to head to CAPS WHOLESALERS for wonderful caps products.
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