Beat the heat with our summer caps!

Summer is one of the seasons that makes us too uncomfortable. The growing heat will only add to the discomfort and we would be searching for ways to stay as much comfortable as possible.

Right from the time where we wore heavy fleece beanies, we have come to a time where we would be doing away with all types of headgear.

But, what if you need to appear stylish? How can you have the unique styling that the popular fashion accessory - headgear - provides you? 

Well, the solution is visors. Visor caps, which are also called as sports visor or sun visor, is a crownless hat that consists of a visor or brim joined at both sides with a strap.

The strap of a visor cap encircles the head, keeping the visor in place. The strap can also function as a sweatband. This cap is much beneficial for having the best styling of a headwear without feeling the slightest discomfort. 

As they are crownless, they allow heat to escape much easier from the head and help keep the wearer cool and comfortable.

So now, why are visors used for? The general function of visor caps is to protect the face, mainly the eyes, nose, and cheeks, from the sun. Visor caps are mostly used for outdoor sports, as it was originally designed for this purpose. 

It is commonly used when people are engaged in golf, tennis, volleyball and so on, when they need their eyes to be protected from direct sunlight. But, now it is also widely used by non-athletes also while they are at the beach or when engaged in sunny outdoor events.

Visors are functional accessories that can also be used for promotional needs like marathon events and others. Being used like this, visors can provide athletes with the necessary protection they need, while also carrying the brand message to the people. 

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