The correct approach of taking care of your hat is the initiative to keeping it in fine condition. It is sometimes common to pick-up the hat from the front or by the sting of the brim. Continuously selecting the hat from the front will definitely reshape the hat within the long-standing time. 

Cap selection pro tip!

When selecting your hat by the brim, you need to pick with proximity to the crown. This will reduce the distortion. Prolong the expectancy of your hat by properly storing, cleaning, drying and caring for it. 

Here are some tips to take  care of your hats.

Mind the Shape

Your hat must stay in nice form. it doesn’t take a lot of for a hat to dent, bend, and stop fitting properly. If you can, keep each single hat on a peg or hook that's wide enough to not produce any folds or bends. If necessary keep your hat on a flat surface, sort of a shelf in your closet, additionally protect the hat from dirt and water.

Use the proper brush

An ordinary brushing will work wonders for a grimy hat. Different hats need different brushes.  A fur felt or wool hat needs a soft brush, whereas stiffer bristles perform best on suede, leather, and silk hats. For straw hats, a delicate pass-over with a small brush to remove dirt.

Avoid water

Avoid washing with water completely as it would lose its shape and texture. Never use a hair dryer as it would cause it more damage.

Use dry starch

Use dry starch it'd work wonders to remove stains and grease.

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