The neutral look of caps explains the craze of caps all over the world. Its compatibility with all body types, its certainty to match any outfit and the variety of designs available explains the success of this accessory. There is a great change from an odd headwear to a perfect fashion statement. A well-made cap can put the finishing touches to an outfit and make it stand out.

How did these caps become so popular?

Caps were worn earlier to shield their head and face from the sun, especially during sunny days. Caps were viewed in a new light when Hollywood actors, TV stars started wearing them.  The big names in the fashion industry wore these caps from time to time. Big luxury brands started producing their own caps. High-quality fabrics and materials like leather were used to make something unique.

Another main reason is that it is affordable, lightweight and inexpensive. Anyone can get it. They generally are one size with an adjustable band at the back.

Large and small brands are using caps to promote their business. Young and old  wear it to show their personality and taste. The future of caps is indeed a bright one!

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