A square piece of material that may be used as a handkerchief or tied around your neck is named as a bandanna. In simple words, an oversized, often, colorfully patterned handkerchief.

These are usually brightly colored or include a printed pattern or dots. They are tied round the head or neck, rolled up or folded in half with one corner pointing down . While used for several purposes, bandannas are commonly worn on the top, to carry back hair or absorb sweat, or round the neck to safeguard one from the sun.

Tie the bandana at the ends and place over your head, pulling the ties to the rear of your head, under your hair and you have something that is an useful accessory apt for running errands, studying, or hanging out with friends wearing this smart chic look.

Wearing Bandanas has become a top trend sported by fashion girls across the world. You can always pull out your outfit with simple cute accessories. If you've got any requirement for these bandanas, do click here and head to CAP WHOLESALERS for wonderful caps’ products.

Grace Collection Bandanna



  • Size: 52cm x 52cm


  • Poly cotton

Product Size

  • Standard

Different colors are available. Wish to shop this for your wardrobe? Click here to start shopping and make it yours today!

Grace Collection 3-Panel Bandanna



  • 3 panel tie-back design


  • Polycotton


  • Standard

Different colors are available. Wish to shop this for your wardrobe? Click here to start shopping and make it yours today!


Hope you enjoyed reading about the bandannas available. These are cool, fun and trendy aren’t they? Always wear what you wish to wear and dress with style. Go forth and be fabulous with our collection.

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