The latest accessory trend to grace the runways are the cowboy hat. The best cowboy hats for folks are now crashing the stores. You can decide to pair your cowboy hat with different classic pieces of western wear. These are traditionally worn with blue jeans and a shirt or can be worn with a t-shirt and shorts or a blouse and a skirt.

Cowboy hats come in a wide assortment of styles, as there is a suitable hat for every occasion.  

Hats help in adding some spice to your attire. They always remain classy and improve your fashion trend. They not only shield you from the harsh sunlight but also make you look chic and fashionable too. These hats are functional and versatile and look smart and classy too. 

See the diverse styles available on our website. Choose from the great styles and shades CAP WHOLESALERS has on offer. Bulk orders are also accepted with different designs and styles. These have a classical grace and a great style that gives extra comfort.

Legend Life Straw Hat W/Toggle




Have a look at the specifications of this wonderful product:

  • A cord with a slide toggle
  • Cotton brim binding
  • Suitable with 4136 hatbands (hatband size 40mm high)
  • Hat bands are sold separately. Tacking of hat band to hat is highly recommended.
  • Pre-attached hat band matches binding (cannot be decorated)
  • The green anti-glare fabric under the brim
  • Fabric sweatband

Check out the different colours available and click here to add this wonderful cap to your shopping bag.

Headwear Ladies Cowboy Straw Cap




Have a look at the product specifications of this wonderful product:

Elasticised Sweatband

One Size M-L

Check out the different colours available and click here to add this wonderful cap to your shopping bag.

Concluding note before we sign off…

A hat is a great way to add style and personality to any of your outfits.

So, that is it for today’s blog from CAP WHOLESALERS. Visit our store for fabulous hats for every season of the year. Click here to view the collections.  We have different combinations ranging from bucket hats, surf hats, canvas sun hats, adjustable bucket hats, cotton twill hats, straw hats, safety hats, and mesh-designed hats out of the many designs on offer with exciting color options.

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