July 15, 2019

Customized hats are an in thing now. Having a good embroidery done will give your hat a unique feel and on top of it, you can get anything embroidered on your cap.

Whether it is your school name, class, initials of you and your friends or a brand logo, anything and everything that comes to your mind. 

Usually, cap embroideries are done anywhere on the 4 sides of the cap. Either on back, front or on sides of the cap. Get to choose your customised cap at Capwholesalers.  

We offer side embroidery at $6.60 and $ 8.80 for front and back embroidery.

What are you waiting for? We even take bulk orders. 

With bulk orders, the prices reduce too. Check out the price table below for front and back embroidery.

Minimum Qty

Price per item













The above is just an example of discounts you will get. Please keep updated with new prices and discounts here atcap wholesalers

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