“Hats are our way of life. We love, live and breathe hats”

Who knew a hat or a cap could entirely change your look and upgrade our ensemble looks? Read today’s blog to know more about the various types of hats and styling tips for the same.

Unlike women who have endless accessorizing options to choose from, men probably wonder what they could do to elevate their wardrobe with?

Well, the answer to this is simple, dressing up with different types of hats and various types of hats for men is never enough. An accessory you will have numerous styling options and also, you can take even the most basic clothing with and give it a serious fashion-forward boost to your dressing sense. Hat types are a suave way to finish off an outfit, they're versatile and a functional men’s accessory that is appropriate for all seasons. 

Panama Hat - the perfect beach accessory

A panama hat is a playful yet manly aesthetic accessory. This has become the defining piece for a look that is both casually elegant and thoroughly masculine.

Pork Pie Hat for your classic outfits

The Pork Pie hats are a very classic type of hat variant that have become a style icon that’s been popular for nearly a century, worn by fashionable men over the world. The Pork Pie hat is generally small and round in shape, with a flat crown and a crease along the inside top edge.

Pork pie hat styles are a little more formal and well as suited to a smarter attire as compared to the other hats like boater hats, top hats or even the panama hats.

Boater Hat - your best summer companion

The boater hat are formal summer hat styles that became popular as back as the late 19th century. As it's considered to be a formal piece of accessory such hats can be worn generally with casual attires or even formals that are meant for summers.

Fedora Hat to beat the sunny glare in style

The fedora hats are the perfect type of hat style for men sheltering self from the summer sun. Speaking of ways to style it, try a black fedora hat made of straw or wool with a simple collarless shirt and a pair of straight-leg trousers. Also, lightweight straw fedora hats are most suited for the warmer times of the year. It can also be moulded as per the wearer’s taste. 

Top Hat - an evergreen style statement

Top hats are undeniably classy and cool. The top hat classic top hat style is categorized by its tall, flat crown and wide brim.

With all these new hat styles dominating the classic top hat style one can choose to wear these hats at a wedding or a dressier event where these hats are necessary. Also, always suit up or wear formal attire with these top hats.


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