Fashion is one of the best outlets for expressing your unique personality. Your personal style defines you and says a lot about you. The clothes you wear, the shoes on your feet and what you choose to accessorize all sends a particular message to the people around you. 

There are endless opportunities to mix and match. You get to choose what you want the world to see. The most overlooked accessory that can really elevate your individual style is a perfectly fitted hat. That's very functional and it also adds a little bit of flair to your wardrobe and style.

Hats have been around since ancient civilization. They provide ample protection against the sun and other harsh elements but also show a person's status. 

Certain hats were typically only worn by the wealthy or higher social classes, but in many places wide-brimmed hats were used to shield them from the harsh rays as they worked outside. The styles of hats changed and progressed greatly. Many people wore hats for protection but many wore them for style also.

Particularly for women the look of these hats became more elaborate. The style of hat and its material were still being used to indicate someone's wealth. Hats are now worn more as a fashion statement instead of a status indicator since the materials have become more widely accessible and they are also mass-produced. 

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