The ever popular visor, what is it all about? Does it have a place in the cap choices in the fashion trends? Find out for yourself…

A hat with no top is called a visor. It has a brim at the end with a strap. They are worn for sports activities like Tennis, football, volleyball, Golf and other games.

These visors block the player's eyes from the direct sun and keep their vision clear. These have good ventilation. Visors can be worn in many ways - front back, low to the eyes. Worn any way, visors look smart and stylish.

Consider how long you will be in the sun and then choose from the variety of styles available. Many brands and colors are available on the online platform, at  CAP WHOLESALERS.

With a variety of cap styles, visors  are a classy pick so go ahead and choose your perfect one, maybe for your kids or for yourself – both available on the online platform!

Headwear Brushed Heavy Cotton Visor Cap (4230)


 Product Description…

  • Sandwich 

Short Touch Strap

  • Only one size available
  • Different shades and  colours Available

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Legend Life Sandwich Peak Visor (4040)


Product Description…

  • Velcro touch fastener
  • Pre-curved peak
  • Contrast sandwich peak
  • Lightly brushed cotton twill
  • Contrast cotton sweatband
  •  Available colours are Navy and White.
  • Size OSFA
  • Very easy to wear, pop it on to reduce the glare.

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Legend Life Event Visor (8009)


Product Specifications

  • 100% polyester visor
  • Pre-curved peak
  • Padded sweatband
  • Velcro touch closure
  • Size OSFA
  • Different shades and  colours Available

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So, that is it for today’s blog from CAP WHOLESALERS.

You can rock the Visors with a wide variety of outfits. See the different styles available only on our website. You’ll soon see these as an effortless and inspired final touch to your fashion outfits.

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