Guide to find the right hat for your face and body type

Guide to find the right hat for your face and body type

Finding that perfect hat is a task. Often people buy the hat and when its time to wear one, you just start feeling whether it will look good on you or not.

This happens because you never gave a second thought while buying it. It is always that you go and buy whichever hat is attractive to you. You never get to know which type of hats suits your body and face. 

Are you wondering whether there is such a thing called suitability to face and body for buying hands? Yes, gentlemen follow certain rules while choosing their hats. 

Here in this article, we cap wholesalers thought of sharing the info on how you should select yours. Without any further ado let us get to the details.

Hats for large men

When it comes to being large everything seems a stressful event. Whether it is picking up a shirt or specks. You need to look into everything making sure you look best and it is comfortable. 

One of the easiest things to choose without any problems is the cap. But, now it will be easier to pick the right one instantly.

Never pick for a cap which is small and doesn’t have a wide crown. Also, skip those hats with smaller brims. Choose a hat which is wide and has good depth and crown. A wide hat makes the overall frame of your appearance blend well. 

For the hat band, look for something which is wider and neutral. You can check out some of our wide rim collection here at cap wholesalers

Hats for short and slim men

The most benefitted men by wearing hats are short men. It elongates your body frame and makes you look tall. For shorter people, It is always best to have curled rims than wide-rimmed hats. This curled up the look of the hat makes you look elegant and make your shot frame of the body look flattering.

While looking for hat bands, always choose thin and neatly done bands. You can select a contrasting colored band for your hat.

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Hats for thin and tall gentlemen

Since you are already tall, you need not need a hat with a high crown. A hat with a low crown and minimal brim will make a great choice for you. Always select a hat with super contrasting band that will separate crown area and rim. This will make you look more elegant and very presentable. The same color band makes your overall body frame look elongated.

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With this information, the selection hats are gonna be a matter of few minutes. Follow this link here to browse our entire collection.

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