Hats do not create hair loss. It's frequently heard at some point that wearing a hat too frequently will make our hair fall out. After hearing this one may start to wonder whether wearing a hat is bad for your hair or whether your hat will create hair loss. 

Can you go bald from wearing a hat, or is that just an old story told to get youths to remove their headdresses? In this blog, we'll talk about whether wearing a hat makes you go bald, what does beget baldness, how to help hair loss, and what to do to feel more comfortable. 

Despite the wide myths and misconstructions, wearing hats doesn't beget hair loss or slow hair growth. In fact, numerous people who witness hair loss feel comfier wearing caps to hide their thinning hair. While wearing a cap every day in certain cases can negatively affect your hair follicle health. An extremely tight cap could circumscribe rotation to the hair follicles, which could contribute to hair loss. Indeed those who like to wear their headdresses more snugly are most likely not causing their hair to fall out.

Because there are many more factors that contribute to baldness, Several factors can contribute to hair loss and hair thinning, Wearing hats does not beget hair loss. Specifically, three variables affect hair loss the most — genetics, age, and life. So if you take your hat off and notice many areas of hair left before, there is no need to be scared. Make sure all your hats are well-fitted for your head shape. Your hats shouldn't leave a prominent mark or skin indentation on your forehead after you take them off. To avoid this problem, use a sizing map whenever you are choosing new headwear. Along with wearing a looser one, try to keep your headwear as clean as possible to avoid hair damage. Dust, dirt, and bacteria can make up on your old hats which can irritate your crown. 

Bad hair day? Nothing a hat cannot fix! Whether you woke up with a bedhead, detest your new hairstyle, or have not washed your hair for many days, a hat can cover a multitude of hair mishaps. 

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