How to customize a hat that sets a trend!

How to customize a hat that sets a trend!

With many companies allowing every fashion accessory from clothes to bags to shoes and hats to customise, It is your best creative brain that should take in charge. 

Customising any accessory doesn't need to be a stressful event. Instead, it's a fun event to design what you wear. This also makes your accessory a unique and individualistic. 

Customised things keep you stand out from the rest of your group who sports what is just bought from the store. Let your ideas roll and create your masterpiece. 

Here are a few things that you gotta keep it in mind before you even start the process of customisation.

  1. Always have the base colour and artwork colour properly identified.

Many times though the colour may contrast each other well, it is always good to have the base colour as neutral. Base colour covers the major part of your merchandise and choosing the wrong colour may make the entire thing go for a waste.

  1. Choose a good colour as the base colour.

Avoid colours that are fluorescent unless you are customising an accessory for Hi-Vis solutions. In the same way, choosing a light colour also makes your accessory dull. Make sure your colours suits best for the occasion that you are planning to wear.

  1. Decide the design that you would like to get on

This step takes major of the time as a right decision can make you look trendy while a wrong one would make you look funny! Whether your design is image or words, choose it well. 

  1. When you order double-check your design

If you want to get embroidery on your hat, always cross-check the final design as a simple spelling mistake would ruin your entire order.  It is always best to have it cross-checked the than have a wrongly spelt word!

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