How to sport a bucket hat and look stylish!

How to sport a bucket hat and look stylish!

Bucket hats are one of the fashion trends that has been in for a very long. Yet people hesitate to buy that cause there is few to very less information on how to wear it.

Many may own a bucket hat and yet feel uncomfortable by not knowing when and how to wear it without looking like a joker!

Here we at cap wholesalers thought of helping you on it. In this article, we will let you know all the tips and tricks of wearing a bucket hat in a super stylish way.

First, we will let you where you should never wear a bucket hat. Never wear one to a formal event, funeral, weddings, church events etc. You may include a bucket hat in your daily wear but never to above-mentioned events. 

Bucket hats are informal rather casual hats. These things are best when you are travelling, chilling with friends or when you are out for shopping. These are the best travel companion as you can just fold them and pack it in your handbag. 

The material used in these bucket hats is mostly cotton and cotton blend making it easy to wash and care. It can be washed either in a machine or by hand. Many bucket hats come with a chin strap to make it more easy to hold on the head. 

Usually, bucket hats come in plain colours or some come in a dual-tone. There are also few which are patterned like military hats. Choose what's best for your attire. 

So now that you got to know about these hats lets see how you can sport them. Bucket hats are unisex. Both men and women can wear it. 

You can always sport bucket hats in your casual look. Pair it with a sweatshirt and jeans or a t-shirt and shorts. If you are thinking of a complete look pair your attire with trainer shoes.

Going out on a travel, pair your travel short with patching bucket hat to give that stylish look. 

For ladies, you can always wear it with 3/4th and any casual wears. You can pair it up with a beautiful solid jumpsuit or with a travel outfit. These hats can be worn with any hair length. These go well with any casual attire which has layers and free-flow structure.

You can also sport these hats with long overcoat. Always choose a matching colour hat. This is important when you want to look formal and yet casual. 

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