Small things. Huge things. Everything. No interest ever.

Humm is a Buy Now Pay Later Service that lets you make your purchases and then make regular payments over time. You will never pay any interest. 

Humm is the most recent addition to our Cap wholesalers array of buy now and pay later options. 

‘Little things’ for spending up to $2,000. You can repay over 2.5 months with no fees or over 5 months for just $8 a month. Weekly or fortnightly payments are available.

‘Big things’ for spending up to $30,000. Depending on how much you spend you can repay from 12 to 60 months in fortnightly payments. You will need to pay an establishment fee of $40 ($22 for repeat purchases) and $8 a month.

With both options, you will never pay any interest. Just download the humm app and follow the prompts to obtain your humm spending limit.

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