A fedora is an iconic type of hat which was introduced in 1882 as a chapeau within the play, "Fedora" starring Sarah Bernhardt. It has been related to the Hollywood stars of the 1950s and early 1960s. People started wearing the design and fedoras were adopted by men and are a trendy accessory nearly every season since. The initial fedora was formed of wool felt but today the design are often found in leather, synthetic fibers, or straw.

Tips to take care of your Hats:

For felt and other fabric fedoras, remove dust with a soft-bristled clothes-brush. A lint roller to get rid of fuzz and dirt. For straw, just wipe with a moist, white cloth to get rid of dust.

If the sweatband is created of leather and it becomes stiff, clean with soap and so use a leather conditioner to stay it soft. To get rid of oily stains from hair products, lotions, or body oils, sprinkle the stained area with cornstarch or talcum powder. Allow the powder to stay on the hat overnight and then brush it away. The powder will absorb the oils. Repeat if the stain remains.
Use a touch of mild detergent mixed with water to spot-treat stains, wipe with a wet cloth and permit to dry naturally. Avoid liquid cleaners.

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Fins a classic example of the fedora hats below from our platform.

Legend Life Straw Fedora


Lightweight, stylish fedora hat made from natural straw.

Product Specifications

  • Straw construction
  • Classic fedora design
  • Curved brim
  • Shown with 4136 hatband (hatband size 40mm high)
  • Hat bands sold separately. Tacking of hat band to hat highly recommended
  • Color is Natural. 
  • Different sizes available. 

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