Choosing caps for style and fashionable looks? Choose Flexfit!

Choosing Flexfit, we feel part of the streetwear movement by supplying the baseball style hats that streetwear lovers want to wear in today’s times.

Most streetwear, trousers, tops and coats, are loose fitting for comfort, except the Flexfit Snapback cap which fits firmly but still feels comfortable. Streetwear is suitable for an active lifestyle. Street dancing was, as its name suggests, started in the streets in California by skate and surf enthusiasts. Street dancers wear loose clothing to allow for free movement, but need a cap that stays on while performing backflips and other athletic moves. Snapbacks are ideal for such fashions and attires pair-ups.

Customising street wear

Streetwear people express their individuality by customizing their clothes and accessories. Badges are worn, coloured laces added to shoes, and Flexfit Snapback caps are customized as per looks. Major brands too have entered these style trends, they too want to have their products lined up for their customers in this ever-growing fashion trend. Prints with embroidery such as logos and slogans on Snapbacks are becoming the latest trends in the caps and these are turning to be the most fashionable and fun-loving designs to wear.

Individuals can add badges or stitch sequins or buttons on their custom Flexfit caps to personalise them. There are several companies that will add a custom graphic or text to a blank Flexfit snapback hat.

Have a look at some of the amazing designs of flexfit caps we have on out online platform.

FLEXFIT Worn by the world Youth - (6277Y)

FLEXFIT  Worn by the world Youth -  (6277Y)

Material made of: 63% Polyester, 34% Cotton, 3% Spandex

Colours: Black, Dark Navy, Navy, Red, Royal

Sizes available: Youth( 52 56 cm)

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FLEXFIT Worn by the world Jumbo - (6277J)

FLEXFIT Worn by the world Jumbo -  (6277J)


  • Athletic Shape
  • Hard Buckram
  • Button & Eyelets same colour
  • Material contents: 63% Polyester, 34% Cotton, 3% Spandex
  • Available Sizes: L - XXXL (59 -62cm)

Wish to shop the FLEXFIT Worn by the world Jumbo - (6277J) for your wardrobe? Click here to start shopping and make it yours today!


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