Style your kids with these beautiful hats

Style your kids with these beautiful hats

The purpose of all types of headwear, be it caps or hats, is to provide protection to the wearers, especially from the unfavourable weather conditions. They also would provide awesome styling to the wearer and thereby, has become a popular fashion accessory.

Hats and caps are accessories that have been in use for centuries and people from all walks of life. For some people, it is a necessary part of their uniform, while for some, it is purely protective equipment. 

For kids and youth, it is something that can be used for setting a style statement. But, no matter how different each person sees it, the primary function remains the same: to protect.

Kids and grown-ups alike use hats. At Cap Wholesaler we provide the best quality hats. Cap Wholesalers is Australia’s preferred online store to purchase high-quality headwear at the best prices in the industry. 

We have a good variety of products from Australia’s best headgear brands. Today let us check out two awesome kids hats:

  • Legend Life Kids Twill Bucket Hat W/Toggle (4363) 
  •  This is an awesome cap that comes from Legend Life brand. Legend Life is one of Australia’s best-loved brands. This brand is famed as “one of Australia’s largest and most experienced promotional product suppliers.” True to its word, this brand has helped other brands grow and propagate their name far and wide.

    The Legend Life Kids Twill Bucket Hat W/Toggle (4363) is a hat ideal for childcare centres, sports clubs and primary schools. The Twill Bucket is cool, comfortable and sun smart, making the wearer much comfortable in the hat.

    The hat is made of cotton twill fabric, which is durable and comfortable at the same time. This children-sized bucket hat sports an elastic drawstring that comes with an adjustable toggle. For easy breathability, the hat has embroidered eyelets. This also adds to the style delivered to the wearer by the hat. The toggle can be adjusted to fit sizes 51-54cm.

    This awesome hat is available in a variety of colours, including Navy, Royal, Red, Black and so on. This hat can be purchased for $10.00.

  • Grace Collection Kids Bucket Hat (AH716/HE716) 
  •  This awesome cap comes from the Grace Collection brand. Grace Collection takes pride to call itself it a one-stop-shop. With over 120 styles, this brand takes care that it has everything that the people need.

    The Grace Collection Kids Bucket Hat (AH716/HE716) is made from heavy brushed cotton that provides the best comfort to the wearer while showcasing outstanding durability. This cap comes in single colour design and has colour metal eyelets that add to the style while facilitating airflow. 

    This hat is available in Royal, Bottle and Navy colours and XX/S and X/S sizes. It can be purchased for $7.00.

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