Sun Shades - an ultimate efficiency and production for the job site

When you shop for your next sun shade. Shop a cap with its ability to work with both long and short brim Ceros safety helmets making it a perfect addition to your outdoor work PPE arsenal. Are you or is your team, among the people working on job sites that maintain outdoor operation year-round regularly? Facing bright sunshine, UV radiation, or other weather-related issues in addition to their normal everyday hazards is something common for jobs of such roles.

Sun shade hats could offer you extra protection while on the job where concentration is very important doing the job.

Remember the following things a Sun Shade cap could do for you.

  • Sun shade caps, help stop UV rays before they reach your skin

Caps like these are able to shield the wearer from harmful UVA and UVB rays, helping to minimize the risk of skin cancer and its effects. In addition to the 360-degree sun brim, hi-vis neck shade provides extra coverage to one of the most exposed skin areas - the neck, while working in the sun.

  • Sun shade caps provide extra protection against inclement weather or environmental factors

The extended protection from the sun is also able to accommodate other environmental elements to help shelter the wearer, including rain, dust, and snow too.

  • Sun shade caps mitigates heat stress for better productivity during working

The importance of the other purpose of a sun shade is to help keep the wearer cool, reducing the risk of sunstroke, heat fatigue, and dehydration.

  • Sun shade caps offers a completion to your PPE uniform needs

Every worksite must meet specific PPE requirements based on need and this allows one to add another optional layer of protection to workers, helping keep them safer and healthier on the job.


Hope you enjoyed reading about the various advantages of sun shade caps

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