There is something about beanies – the wow factor that creates it as one of the foremost popular hats amongst the winter collections for many!

The weather condition will definitely force you to bring out all the winter wear including the woollen headwear. For all, beanies are the best staple of the winter wardrobe. Beanie caps are available in a spread of styles and fabrics giving one a choice to buy what suits them perfectly.  It’s all about how you wear your beanies.

More than providing warmth, beanie caps are loved because it offers a cute appeal to its wearer. As far as style there are no limits to varieties available. Another great quality is that it can be styled differently each time. They look great when paired with both suits and knitwear.

Beanies are a ‘luxury’ accessory worn both during winter and summer, and may be worn casually by both sexes. Headgear is back in trend again

These can form your styling classic statement accessory for you.  If you have any requirement for beanies or caps, click here and head to CAP WHOLESALERS  for wonderful caps’ products.

Legend Life Acrylic Beanie


.Product Specifications

  • One size fits most
  • Roll up cuff
  • Knitted acrylic
  • Available in many dark colors with roll up cuff

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Grace Collection Acrylic Two-Tone Beanie 


Product Specifications

  • Trim design
  • Straight pull down design


  • 100% Acrylic

Product Size

  • Standard
  • One size fits most
  • Different colors available.

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Hope you enjoyed reading about the various forms of the beanies available. Beanies are fun and fashionable aren’t they?

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