Having a white hat in your wardrobe is always fun, fresh and bold. Always be very careful as your stylish hat will be ruined if it is stained. There are a few gentle ways to get stains out of a white hat or clean it. Ways for cleaning a white hat.


Hand Washing is the best delicate cleaning method for your white hat . If your white hat is made of cotton, cotton blends, wool felt or synthetic materials you can hand-wash it. Follow these simple steps to hand-wash your white hat.

  1. Choose a cleaner: A small amount of laundry detergent, or mild dish soap could work. Always use a detergent formulated for the material.

  2. Add the cleaner to water: Fill a clean tub or bin with water. Use cool water for wool felt and warm  but not hot water for cotton and cotton blends. Add either a tablespoon of detergent, or a few drops of dish soap and stir the solution.

  3. Soak the hat: Soak your hat for sometime as it's soaking to get it clean. Do not  wring the hat as you remove it.

  4. Scrub stains: Hand-washing is best for a general clean. If your hat has stains, work at them with a soft-bristled brush or a soft new toothbrush to clean. Even a soft dish brush will work but do not scrub too hard.

  5. Rinse the hat: Drain the water and cleaning solution and fill the container or tub with clean water. 

  6. Dry the hat: Let your hat air dry once you have washed it. 

Spot cleaning

To remove stains out of a white hat, you don't always need to wash the whole thing, if it's a more delicate design spot cleaning also removes the stains without any fuss.


Brush the surface to remove dust and dirt. If you use a brush with stiff bristles, be careful not to press too hard, as you could bend, scratch or damage the hat in different ways. A soft-bristled brush will also work to remove the stains.

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