Visor caps are best used in the world of sports for their added sun protection without a brim all the way around your head. But in the recent few years this concept has evolved. The idea of headwear is having a moment and thus, one can justify the popularity of a visor cap design as well.

Visors can have short brims, such as a baseball cap, or long brims, such as our 5 inch brim visor. Visors can give a unique style of sun protection to you without impeding all of your head with an oversized brim.

Caps wholesalers believe that what trends are set, the best products are those that are the best-selling. Same is the case on our platform too! Our today’s blog relates to the latest trends of visor caps and its popularity. Sunhats may have dominated your feed this far, but retro visors are, suddenly, all over nowadays.

Headgear is a divisive topic in the running community. It all depends on what you wear and how you wear your headgear.

Why are these hats better equipped to counter sunlight?

It is only logical for you to ask how sun visor hats are better than normal hats. These types of hats are better equipped to protect you from the adverse effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight because of the following reasons:

The materials that these hats are made up of are specifically treated to be able to deal with ultra violet rays. In fact, some variants of these hats are even able to block off around 98% of the ultra violet rays from the sun.

Why visor caps? So many reasons to wear one

The cap as we know is mainly chosen due to the following reasons:


If you have your comfort at heart think about getting a sun visor hat. Not only are they lightweight and provide far more ventilation than regular caps or hats, but they are also great if you are working outdoors.

Upgraded Coverage

Sun visors are actually far better when it comes to protection from the sun as well as ventilation to your hair


If you wear a sun visor you will automatically appear more stylish and classy. This hat hits the right spot between preppy and athletic all while granting you great coverage and protection. The best part is that it can be easily paired with all sorts of clothing from dresses to shirts to polos to even swimsuits.


Compared to the traditional caps causing the trapping of heat and sweat, sun visor hats allow you to avoid all this mess and maintain a healthy scalp.


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