“Caps are just not for decoration”

The baseball cap has long been one of menswear’s most polarising accessories and the focus 

Remember while you wear a cap!

Always, wear your cap facing forwards with the brim pointed upwards slightly to reveal more of your face and hair.

The history behind this cap

Unless completely oblivious, it probably won’t come as much of a surprise to learn that the baseball cap was first brought into existence by a baseball team - Brooklyn Excelsiors in the year 1860.

Today, the baseball cap has been given a new lease of life. This is thanks to a number of factors.

In today’s blog article we would be revealing out few of the pro tips we would love to share to all the cap lovers out there…

When buying a cap, try and go for premium materials

A good-quality cap adds a lot of character and makes a lot of difference. More comfortable, caps last longer, better premium materials than competitors.

Don’t neglect the importance of a high-quality cap and don’t be afraid of spending a bit more money on a quality cap.

Best way to wear a cap?

The cap’s intended orientation is the best option. Wear it backwards, no rules for it. It helps you add a bit of young flair to your outfits.

Your caps must fit your head properly

Too big or too small is not a good cap at all.

If it’s too big, it’ll make your head look small and it’ll cover a lot of your vision. However, if it’s too small then you’ll find that it might tighten around your head and feel painful at times.

Don’t forget to wash your cap

Caps can actually pick up a lot of dust and grime because it sits on top of our head. It can also get surprisingly damp if you sweat a lot. So it’s best to wash your cap on a regular basis if you wear it a lot. Ideally, you should have several different caps to switch between them, depending on the outfit that you are putting together.


There are so many things in the world of style – it’s not just a matter of what you wear, it’s also about how you wear it. Visit CAPS WHOLESALERS for the cap you would wish to ever get. Great quality, excellent fit and most importantly, great prizes for you.
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