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Our topic for the day is flexfit caps and how they are so popular, trending and most importantly an ever-green style accessory for men and women alike. Flexfit caps, as known to all, are an appealing design of premium quality caps that are both stylish and practical for everyone. Flexfit caps always look fashionable, fun and can be worn in a number of ways.

Hip-hop stars have adopted the flexfit caps as part of their looks, with many stars preferring to wear them with the visor flat. If this is your style, then you must choose a Flexfit cap with a flat visor!

Well, it is hard to contradict such a statement, but yes that’s the way it is, some people think that it is trendy to wear their cap backwards whilst others prefer to wear caps with the visor facing forwards. This is solely a matter of choice and style taste because the cap anyway round is fine. There is no standard way of wearing a cap!

Nowadays, seeing Flexfit caps with a suit has also come in as a fashion statement. Flexfit caps, generally regarded as casual wear, are seen mixed with formal wear looks, and we must say, that works wonders for many people.

One must know a cap that is too small or too large does not look good!

Fortunately, this is not a problem with Flexfit caps, such as the Flexfit 110 cap, as they are designed to fit well and adjust to all head sizes.

Now comes the customization part, to personalise flexfit caps, some people add badges and have their logos embroidered onto them. We, at cap wholesalers, provide shopping with embroidery all under one roof, we our customers and clients can customise their Flexfit caps with their own brand identity to make them reflect the style and their personal tastes.

Be rest assured, we deliver premium quality caps that look great and that are very practical. There is NO thumb rule as to how to wear a flexfit cap, so how you wear yours is down to you.


Choose the best Flexfit Cap designs only on CAP WHOLESALERS from brands like, AS color, Flexfit, Grace collection, Headwear, Legend Life and Winning Spirit.

There are so many things in the world of style and caps make it to the shortlist any day every day. Visit CAPS WHOLESALERS for the best flexfit you would wish to fill your wardrobe with. Great quality, excellent fit and most importantly, great prizes for you.

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