Function, identity and sponsorship are the three main reasons why headwear is important in sports. Apart from being a part of the training attire, it is proving to be an important accessory for various reasons.

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Caps provide a lot of functionality

Some sports are synonymous with headgear for different reasons, citing an example for the same with beanies in winter sports, baseball caps in tennis, etc. Caps for skiing and snowboarding help with warmth. Next up, baseball caps are mainstays in popular summer sporting activities like golf, tennis and of course baseball, as they shade the players eyes from the sun and protect your head from the hot rays.

Caps help build a visible identity

Athletes are about how they showcase their grand collaborations and brand tie-ups. These sports clubs, manufacturers and commercial sponsors know how important this identity is to their audiences and the player’s fans. Any brand wanting to maximize revenue will have a range of customized merchandise which is essential for both athletes and the fans equally, because that’s where the love and fanship comes into effect.

Caps bring in sponsorship and branding

Sponsorship serves a major attention seeking for fans and brands! Caps are not always worn during the game only, they can be like a branding or a marketing activity for fans all over. Take for an instance, Michael Jordan famously came out into a post-press conference wearing a branded snapback. Many sports athletes all over wear sponsored caps and snapbacks before and after the match for this sole purpose.

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