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April 24, 2020

You know what’s beautiful with fashion trends these days, a crisp, concise bold message on yourcap - the very popular accessory that pulls your entire look together.

Today we shall share you expertise on how to go through the entire process of creating your owncustom-embroidered cap from beginning till the end – from choosing acap type and making embroidery-friendly designs to creating theembroidery file


Embroidery is an entirely different entity compared to direct garment printing. For this very reason, it requires an entirely different approach to creating a successful design.

CAPS WHOLESALERS shares with you some key elements to keep in consideration whendesigningyour custom cap embroidery designs:


A minimalistic design can have a striking impact! Simple designs are easy to embroider and have a finished look with nice, tight lines. For instance, if you have a basic design with minimal details, your designed product can look striking with a white thread against a black cap. Take limited colors into account, this is a big factor.

When developingembroidery designs, you should note that the number of thread colors you use will impact the look of the cap. If you choose to use multiple colors, make sure they have large enough details to be able to sew well.

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  • 3D puff embroideryis used when you see the raised embroidery threads
  • Flat embroideryis when the thread lays flat on the cap
  • Partial 3D puff,is when a combination of both flat and 3D puff are used in one cap design


A goodcap design has a good balance. One rule of thumb is to have yourdesign focused on themiddle bottom region of the cap, and have it span out from there. Centering your design is a must, as most people don’t want to seem lopsided when wearing their caps.


For a really polished look, you can add a small logo of yours on the side of the cap. Ideally, you would add either a logo, your company initials, or something else that’s small and can fit in the side space. You must stick to only useflat embroidery for sides areas of the cap – no 3D puff.

It’s available on both sides of the cap, or just one. Or you can also skip the front embroidery altogether and just design a cap with side embroidery, that looks great too.


The size of your design will be based on the available embroidery area of the cap-type you choose. Some caps have a higher profile and therefore can print a higher design. Whereas there are low profile caps, like the multi-layer panel caps, which have a lower available height. It is good to study the cap layout also while the designing is getting ready side-by-side.

Hope this was useful information for you to get inspired fordesigning a cap designfor yourself or your office or for any customers of yours. VisitCAP WHOLESALERS, to choose from avariety of cap design. Not only that we help cater to your requirements of embroidery as well. Click here to visit the website.